The total population of Nunavut is 26,665. The capital city is Iqaluit, which has a population of 3,600. The total area of Nunavut is 517,227,249 acres, of which 83% is Crown Land. The remaining 17%, comprising 87,928,632 acres, is a form of private ownership, and is held as Inuit Owned Land (IOL).


How Nunavut is owned

The physical land of Nunavut is owned by the Crown. What the native people have is a lease from the Crown, and certain interests. The IOL is not in freehold tenure.

Freehold home tenure

There are 7,175 dwellings in Nunavut. Of these, 1,735 are in freehold tenure by the occupant. 24% of people in Nunavut have freehold tenure.


There are four National Parks in Nunavut. They cover a total of 24,767,821 acres. There are also twelve Territorial Parks, conservation and historic sites and two wildlife reserves covering approximately 13,343,400 acres.


There is no significant agricultural presence in Nunavut.


Gold is the main mineral mined in Nunavut. Significant mines include Meliadine West (gold), Meadowbank (gold), and Lupin (gold).


Total Forest Land held by the Province: 2,320,269 acres.

Forest Land held by the Federal Government:

Federal Aboriginal Land: 0

Other Federal Land: 0

Total: 0

Privately held Land (held by individuals, companies, municipalities):

Industrial: 0

Nonindustrial: 0

Other: 0

Total: 0


Percentage held by Provincial Government: unclear

Percentage held by Federal Government: 0%

Percentage of Forest Land Privately held: 0%

Percentage of Industrial Private holders: 0%


Big Landholders

Comaplex Minerals Corp, Cumberland Resources, Echo Bay Mines Ltd, WMC Limited.


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