The Northwest Territories have a total population of 37,105 people. The capital city is Yellowknife, with a total population of 16,541. The area of the Territories is 332,622,792 acres. Almost 100% of this land is Crown Land; very little of the Northwest Territories is in private tenure. 10,000,000 acres of lands in the Territories have been withdrawn from industrial use under First Nations agreements.


How the Northwest Territories are owned

The Crown owns all physical land in the territory. The land is administered by the Province’s government.

Freehold home tenure

There are 12,565 dwellings in the Northwest Territories. Of these, 6,615 are held freehold by the occupant. 52% of people in the Northwest Territories have freehold tenure.


There are four National Parks in the Northwest Territories, covering a total of 8,247,256 acres. In addition, there are 39 Territorial Parks of 7,660,000 acres, and three wildlife reserves that cover 3,039,330 acres.


There is no significant agricultural presence in the Northwest Territories.


The principal resources and minerals mined in the Northwest Territories include gold, petroleum and diamonds. Significant mines include Panda (diamonds), Nico (gold, copper), Giant (gold), Miramar Con (gold) and Colomac (gold).


Total Forest Land held by the Province: 79,996,154 acres

Forest Land held by the Federal Government:

Federal Aboriginal Land: 0

Other Federal Land: 2,401,812 acres

Total: 2,401,812 acres


Privately held land (held by individuals, companies, municipalities):

Industrial: 0

Nonindustrial: 0

Other: 0

Total: 0

Percentage held by Provincial Government: 0%

Percentage held by Federal Government: 100%

Percentage of Forest Land Privately held: 0%

Percentage of Industrial Private holders: 0%

Big Landholders

Fortune Minerals Incorporated, Miramar Mining, Royal Oak Ventures Limited, Ekati, Canadian Zinc Corporation.


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