Manitoba has a total population of 1,103,695 people. The capital city is Winnipeg, which has a total population of 661,725. The total area of the province is 160,070,638 acres, of which 90% is Crown Land and the remaining 10% is privately held.

How Manitoba is owned

The Crown owns all land in Manitoba. Only 10% of Crown land has been placed in freehold tenure and the remaining Crown land remains in the possession of the Crown, directly, and is administered by the Provincial Government.

Homes in freehold tenure

There are 432,555 dwellings in Manitoba. Of these, 276,735 are held in freehold tenure by the occupant. 64% of people in Manitoba hold their own home, freehold.


Manitoba has two National Parks which cover a total of 3,576,772 acres. An additional 9,884,000 acres are covered by the 39 Provincial Parks and 44 ecological, heritage and wildlife reserves.


There are 21,071 farms in Manitoba, covering a total of 18,783,995 acres. The average farm size is 892 acres. Of this, 20,031 farms are held in freehold tenure by the operator, covering a total of 11,729,953acres. The remaining farms are rented or leased and cover 7,054,042 acres.


The principal minerals and resources mined in Manitoba include nickel, copper, zinc, crude oil, gold, sand and gravel. Significant mines include New Britannia (gold), Flin Flon, Thompson and Leaf Rapids.


Total Forest Land held by the Province: 84,681,170 acres

Forest Land held by the Federal Government:

Federal Aboriginal Land: 301,462 acres

Other Federal Land: 1,153,957 acres

Total: 1,455,419 acres


Privately held land (held by individuals, companies, municipalities):

Industrial: 0 (This figure is uncertain and subject to conflicting estimates)

Nonindustrial: 2,456,174 acres

Other: 271,810 acres

Total: 2,727,984 acres


Percentage of land held by Provincial Government: 94%

Percentage of land held by Federal Government: 1%

Percentage of Forest Land Privately held: 5%

Percentage of Industrial Private holders: 0% (See above)


Big in Manitoba Landowners

Normandy Mining Ltd

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