British Columbia has a total population of 3,868,870 people. The capital city is Victoria, which has a total population of 306,970. The province is 233,440,018 acres in extent. Of this, 95% is Crown Land. 1% of the Crown Land is held by the Federal government, and the remaining 94% by the Provincial government. The remaining 6% is privately held.


How British Columbia is owned

The province is owned by the Crown, with only 5% committed in freehold tenure.

Homes in freehold tenure

There are 1,534,340 dwellings in British Columbia. Of these, 989,320 are held by the occupant. This means that 64% of people in British Columbia hold their home in freehold tenure.


British Columbia has six National Parks, covering a total of 1,562,610 acres. An additional 817 Provincial Parks, recreation areas and ecological reserves cover approximately 28,045,850 acres, or 11.79% of the total land in British Columbia.


There are 20,290 farms in British Columbia, covering a total of 6,392,768 acres. The average size of each farm is 316.2 acres. 19,327 farms are privately held by the operator, covering 3,769,270 acres. The remaining farms are rented or leased and cover 2,623,497 acres.


The principal minerals and resources in British Columbia are natural gas, coal, crude oil, gold, copper and cement. Significant mines include Red Chris (gold, copper), Highland Valley (gold, copper), Island Copper (copper), Myra Falls (gold, copper, zinc), New Polaris (gold), Windy Craggy (gold, copper, zinc), Eskay Creek (gold), Snip (gold), Mount Polley (gold, copper), Similco (gold, copper), Hushamu (gold, copper), Red Mountain (gold), Kemess North (gold, copper), Kemess South (gold, copper), Tulsequah Chief (gold, copper, lead, zinc), Prosperity (gold, copper), Afton (gold, copper), Golden Bear (gold), Coal Mountain (coal), Fording River (coal), Greenhills (coal), Monkman (coal), Ouinsam (coal), T’Sable River Prospect (coal), Quintette (coal), Line Creek (coal), Telka Project (coal), Bullmoose (coal), Sage Creek (coal) and Elkview (coal).


Total Forest Land held by the Province: 152,300,085 acres.

Forest Land held by the Federal Government:

Federal Aboriginal Land: 560,917 acres

Other Federal Land: 1,087,240 acres

Total: 1,648,157 acres

Privately held Land (held by individuals, companies, municipalities):

Nonindustrial: 4,398,380 acres (There are conflicting estimates)

Other: 0. Total: 4,398,380 acres


Percentage held by Provincial Government: 95%

Percentage held by Federal Government: 1%

Percentage of Forest Land Privately held: 4%

Percentage of Industrial Private holders: estimated 30% by the Fraser Institute

Large Landholders

1st largest private forest landholder in BC: TimberWest holds 825,314 acres, most of it on Vancouver Island.

2nd largest private forest landholder in BC: Weyerhaeuser: holds 664,699 acres (also world’s largest private forest land holder).

The mining landholders in British Columbia.

American Bullion, BHB Billiton, Boliden Limited, Canarc Resources Corp, Geddes Resources, Highmont Mining Company, Homestake Mining Company, Imperial Metals Corporation, Jordex Resources

North American Metals Corp, Northgate Exploration Ltd, Redfern Resources, Royal Oak Ventures Limited

Teck Cominco Ltd, Teck Corporation, Wheaton River Minerals, Fording Coal Ltd, Hillsborough Resources Ltd, Luscar Limited, Nippon Steel Corporation, Pohang Iron and Steel Company, Rio Algom Ltd

Sumisho Coal Canada Ltd, Sumitomo Corporation, Tokyo Boeki.


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