The total population of Alberta is 2,941,150 people. The capital city is Edmonton, with a population of 927,020. The total area of the province is 157,707,374 acres. 72% of this is Crown Land, 64% of which is held by the Provincial government and 8% by the Federal government. The remaining 28% is privately held.

How Alberta is owned

The crown owns all physical land.

Homes in freehold tenure

There are 1,104,100 dwellings in Alberta. Of these, 736,060 are held in freehold tenure by the resident homeowner. This means that 67% of people in Alberta hold their own home.


Alberta has five national parks, which cover a total of 13,611,619 acres. An additional 6,918,800 acres are covered by 500 Provincial Parks and protected areas.


There are a total of 53,652 farms in Alberta, covering 52,057,757 acres. The average area of each farm is 971 acres. 51,164 farms are privately held by the operator, covering 30,700,899 acres. The remaining farms are rented or leased and cover 21,361,799 acres.


The principal minerals and resources in Alberta are crude oil, natural gas, coal, cement, sand, and gravel. Significant mines include Cheviot (coal), Coal Valley (coal), Gregg River (coal), Luscar (coal), Obed Mountain (coal) and Smoky River (coal).

ForestryTotal Forest Land held by the Province: 80,386,572 acres

Forest Land held by the Federal Government:

Federal Aboriginal Land: 570,801 acres

Other Federal Land: 6,278,811 acres

Total: 6,849,612 acres


Privately held Land (held by individuals, companies, municipalities):

Industrial: 0

Nonindustrial: 2,641,000 acres

Other: 37,065 acres

Total: 2,678,065 acres


Percentage held by Provincial Government: 87%

Percentage held by Federal Government: 9%

Percentage of Forest Land Privately held: 4%

Percentage of Industrial Private holders: 0%

Large Landholders

Consul Energy Inc.. Luscar Limited. Smoky River Coal Ltd. Big Rock Brewery


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