The total population of the Yukon is 28,520 people. The capital city is Whitehorse, with a population of 21,405. The area of the territories is 119,211,665 acres. Of this, 98% is Crown Land. A small percentage of the interim protected areas for First Nation settlement lands are private.

How Yukon Territories are owned

The crown owns all physical land.

Freehold home tenure.

There are 11,635 dwellings in the Yukon. Of these, 7,095 are held freehold by the occupant. 62% of people in the Yukon have possession of their home freehold.


The Yukon has three National Parks which cover a total of 9,036,941 acres. An additional 2,471,000 acres are protected in Territorial Parks and wildlife reserves.


There is no significant agricultural presence in the Yukon Territories.


Principal minerals and resources mined in the Yukon include gold, silver, sand and gravel. Significant mines include Faro and Vangorda (gold, lead, zinc), Kudz Ze Kayah (gold, copper, lead, zinc), Minto (gold, copper), Casino (gold, copper), and Carmacks (gold, copper).


Total forest land held by the Province: 55,782,825 acres

Forested land held by the Federal Government: unclear

Other Federal Land: total 528,794 acres


Privately held land (held by individuals, companies, municipalities)



Percentage of land held by the Provincial Government: 100%

Percentage of land held by the Federal Government: 0%

Percentage of Forest Land Privately held: 0%

Percentage of Industrial land privately held: 0%

Big Landholders.

Anvil Range Mining Corp, Expatriate Resources Inc, Grupo Mexico SA de CV, Minto Explorations, Pacific Sentinal Gold Corp, Western Copper Holdings Inc


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