Quebec has a total population of 7,125,580 people. The capital is Quebec City, which has a population of 673,105. The total area of the province is 381,042,037 acres of which 92% is Crown Land and the remaining 8% is private land held in freehold tenure.


How Quebec is owned

All physical land in Quebec is owned by the Crown. In Quebec only 8% of Crown land has been granted or dedicated in freehold tenure. The remaining land of the Province is administered for the Crown by the Provincial Government.

Homes in freehold tenure

There are 2,978,110 dwellings in Quebec. Of these, 1,703,705 are held by the occupant. 57% of people in Quebec own their home in freehold there


There are three National Parks in Quebec, covering a total of 214,977 acres. Provincial parks cover an additional 4,942,000 acres.


There are 32,139 farms in Quebec. These cover 8,443,471 acres and have an average area of 261 acres. 30,995 of these farms are held in freehold tenure by the operator and cover a total of 7,049,468 acres. The remaining farms are rented or leased and cover a total of 1,394,002 acres.


Principal minerals mined in Quebec include titanium, gold, zinc, iron ore, asbestos, copper and granite. Significant mines include LaRonde (gold), Joutel (gold), Estrades (gold, copper, zinc, lead), Louvicourt (gold, copper, zinc), Casa Berardi (gold), Bousquet Complex (gold, copper), Sebaie (gold, copper, zinc), Langlois (gold, copper, zinc), Doyon (gold), Silidor (gold), Joe Mann (gold, copper), Troilus (gold, copper), Kiena (gold), Sigma (gold), Matagami (gold, copper, zinc), and Mount Wright (iron ore).


Total Forest Land held by the Province: 185,092,726 acres

Federal Aboriginal Land and other land Total: 983,458 acres

Privately held Land ( held by individuals, companies, municipalities):

Industrial: 2,720,571 acres

Nonindustrial: 20,165,831 acres

Other: 2,471 acres

Total: 22,888,873 acres


Percentage of land held by the Provincial Government: 89%

Percentage held by the Federal Government: 0%

Percentage of Forest Land Privately held: 11-12%

Percentage of Industrial and private landholders : 12%

Big Landholders.

Agnico-Eagle Mines, Arimetco Internatiol, AUR Resources, Aurizon MinesBarrick Gold, BHB Billiton, Breakwater Resources Ltd, Cambior Inc, Campbell Resources, Inmet Mining Corporation, McWatters Mining Inc, Newmont Mining Corporation, Noranda Incorporated, Teck Cominco Ltd, Ventel Inc, CAEMI Mineracao, Dofasco Inc.

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