Texas (USA)

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General information
Population: 21.325.018 (2005)
Capital: Austin
Population of Capital: 1,071,023
Declared: 28th state in 1845
Size: 171,051,900 acres
Country closest in size: Zambia: 185,896,646 acre
Myanmar (Burma) 167,114,766 acres
Houses: 8,157,575
Owned: 5,204,532
Rented/leased: 2,953,043


Texas, one of the most assertive states of the Union, is almost twice the size of Japan and substantially bigger than France in size. Originally a Mexican territory, the Mexicans made the fatal mistake of selling large portions of the huge state to American ‘empresarios’ or settlers, mainly as a buffer against Comanche and Apache war parties. In 1835, the Mexican government tried to challenge the land rights of some of the settlers and the Texans rebelled, eventually becoming the 28th state of the Union. The new state government sold off vast tracts of land and invested in schools and, later, in its fledgling oil industry. Stephen Austin, one of these ‘empresarios’, after whom the state capital is named, headed off the Mexicans and the vast land frauds in places like New Mexico and Arizona by having much of the state surveyed at his own expense.

How the state is owned (acres)
Cropland 26,937,900
CRP land 3,905,500
Pastureland 16,757,200
Rangeland 95,744,100
Forest land 10,816,000
Other rural land 2,211,100
Total rural land 155,529,000
Water 4,045,400
Developed or urban land 8,567,00

The federal goverement owns 2,909,900 acres of Texas.

Farms in Texas

There are 194,031 farms, standing on 131,308,286 acres. Of these farms, 118,441 are wholly owned, 54,892 are partly owned and 29,968 are tenanted. There are3,724 farms of between 1,000 and 2,000 acres in the state and 1,397 farms over 2,000 acres.

Farms in Texas were entitled to about $1,800 million in direct federal farm subsidies in 2004.

Large landowners in Texas (acres)
Texas Land trusts 1,000,000
King Ranch 825,000
Briscoe Ranches 640,000
Lykes family 640,000
Anne Burnett Marion 350,000
Sugg family 295,000
Cogdell family 285,000
Big Bend Ranch (State Park) 265,000
Elwood Heirs 240,000


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