Alaska (USA)

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General Information
Population: 640,000 (2001)
Capital: Juneau
Population of Capital: 30,684
Declared: 49th state in 1959
Size: 365,500,000 acres
Country closest in size: Mongolia: 386,925,500 acres
Houses: 221,600
Owned: 138,509
Rented/leased: 83,091


Bought from Russia by US Government in 1867 for 2 cents per acre ($7.3 million). The US military are a major landowner, with around 2 million acres, and are responsible for about 18,000 jobs in Alaska. The main industry is oil, which produces state revenues of over $2 billion pa, from about 15.7 million acres leased to American and British oil compaines. The US Government estimates that there are 15 million acres of agricultural land in Alaska, of which under 1 million acres are currently cultivated. There are five main groups of native people in Alaska, which takes its name from the Aleut word for ‘great land’: Alyeska. Many of the native peoples have Russian surnames from the period of Russian colonisation (c. 1690-1867). The main groups of native people are: the North coast indians, the Inupiaqs, the Yupiks, the Aleuts and the Athabascan Indians.

How the state is owned (acres)
State of Alaska land 90,600,000
Federal land in Alsaka
Bureau of Land Management (BLM) public lands 86,000,000
Departments of Defence and other federal land 2,000,000
National US Forest System 22,000,000
National Park System 54,000,000
National Wildlife Refuge System 70,700,000
Private land in Alaska
Native corporations 37,500,000
Other private land 2,700,000
Wilderness in alaska (incorporated in the above) (acres)
Fish and Wildlife Service 18,676,320
Forest Service 5,754,000
National Park Service 33,492,269

The main oil companies with the 15 million acres of leases are: Chevron, BP Exploration, Exxonmobil, Marathon, Phillips, Shell, totalFina and Unocal.

Farms in Alaska

There are 548 farms in Alaska, standing on 881,045 acres of land. of these farms, 332 are wholly owned, 138 partly owned and 80 are tenanted. There are 2 farms of between 1,000 and 2,00 acres and one farm of over 2,000 acres in the state.

The farmers of Alaska were entitled to about $12.3 million in direct federal farm subsidies in 2004.


The overall breakdown of the forestry industry is 51% federal, 25% state and local university, 24% native corporations and .04% other private interests. The website gives the following detailed breakdown:

Total forest land in Alaska is 129 million acres, of which the state owns 22 million acres, the federal goverment owns 77 millions acres, ond ‘other’ is 26.7 million acres. There are a total of 224 private landowners and 14 corporations noted operating in Alsaka.

Private landowners

The largest private landowner in alaska is Doyon Ltd, a company the emerged from the Alaskan Native People’s Settlement Act (ANPSA) of 1971. That act transferred 43 million acres and $952 million to various native settlements and communities. The largest individual transfer, of 12.5 million acres, was to Doyon, making it the largest private landowner in the state and also one of the largest landowners of the USA. Doyon, at time of writing, is chaired by Mike Irwin. The next largest landowner, another child of the ANPSA, the Calista corporation, with 6.5 million acres. A smllaer corporation, Chugach, with 631,000 acres, is likely to be aa major beneficiary of the final settlement from the Exxon Valdez oil-tanker spill, which affected many of the corporation’s members. The Aleut Corporation, which has 1.57 million acres, is chaired by Elary Gromoff at the time of writing.


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